4 Important HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Man’s best friend makes for a loyal companion, but just because your dog provides you with unconditional love doesn’t mean you can let him destroy your home.  If you’ve gone to the trouble of potty-training your pets and teaching them to stay off the furniture, you’re off to a good start, but you also need to take steps to keep them from harming your HVAC system when they shed.  Here are a few important HVAC tips for pet owners.

  1. Keep pets away from equipment

Some of your HVAC equipment is indoors, possibly in your attic, basement, or an interior closet or cabinet.  However, you AC unit may be outside and exposed to the elements.  This equipment is designed to hold up to sun and rain, but it may not fare as well against dogs that urinate on it or hair that clogs the coils.  Your best bet to keep your AC unit safe is to install approved fencing or another barrier to keep pets away.

  1. Groom pets accordingly

Some pets, like cats, are good at grooming themselves, but without a little help they can still shed all over your house, and dogs are bound to need even more care.  By grooming your pets regularly, including daily brushing and frequent bathing, you can reduce the fur floating around your home and yard and getting into your HVAC system.

  1. Clean regularly

If you’re grooming your pets appropriately and still seeing tumbleweeds of hair around furniture, perhaps you need to clean more frequently.  Weekly vacuuming may be good enough for a home without pets, but if you have cat or dog hair everywhere, you’ll probably want to consider cleaning more often, or perhaps eliminating some of the plush carpeting and furniture in your home.

  1. Get professional help

If you’re not yet signed up for regular HVAC servicing, now is the perfect time to get on board.  Your furnace, AC unit, and ductwork can quickly become fouled if you fail to maintain them properly.  The general rule of thumb is to schedule servicing for your AC unit in the spring and your furnace in the fall.

A professional technician will come to your home to clean, inspect, and repair your equipment as needed, as well as perform basic maintenance tasks like replacing filters.  This is advisable whether you have pets or not, but especially if you find yourself dealing with tons of cat or dog hair.  Your HVAC pro can also advise you of potential upgrades like energy-saving programmable thermostats and HEPA filters that will reduce allergens (like pet dander) in your home.