Heat Pumps Are Gaining Popularity

Heat pumps have become a popular choice in the Vancouver area. It has to do with savings and greater efficiency. Typically a heat pump can save you 15-20% in utility costs over a conventional system. A heat pump provides an efficient alternative that is perfect for the climate in Vancouver, WA.

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, so families can live in comfort year-round without straining their finances. Whether it’s the hottest day of the summer, or the coldest day of winter, heat pumps work day in and day out to provide premium comfort.

We chose the Coleman® line of heat pumps because they deliver four-season comfort in one convenient unit. Their broad lineup is built to provide heat pump efficiency for any price point and performance level.

Nearly half of Coleman® air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces are built to proudly display the ENERGY STAR™ label. Plus we are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.


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Benefits of Buying a Coleman Heat Pump

You’ll get high–efficiency, low energy use and quieter operation. Many units have a gradual blower speed which delivers heat without wasting energy. You’ll save money on equipment with single-stage models. You’ll have lower energy bills with higher efficiency models and you’ll enjoy enhanced home comfort with modulating gas models with variable-speed blowers. Talk to one of our heating and cooling experts about which efficiency is right for you.

How do you measure efficiency for Heat Pump?

The HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) is the most commonly used measure of the heating efficiency of heat pumps. New heat pumps manufactured after 2005 are required to have an HSPF of at least 6.8. The most efficient heat pumps have an HSPF rating of 10. The HSPF is a heat pump’s estimated seasonal heating output in BTUs divided by the amount of energy that it consumes in watt-hours. Typically, a high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump pays for itself in savings in a few years. Heat pumps are also rated by SEER for cooling efficiency. Because we live in the Pacific Northwest, the HSPF is a more important consideration than SEER due to our longer heating season.

Coleman® also offers a complete range of indoor air quality equipment and programmable thermostats to ensure a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home environment.

Don’t Forget Your Air Filter

The single most important thing you can do to maintain your air quality is to regularly change your air filter. It’s easy to do and just takes a second. You’ll maintain your indoor air quality and help your furnace run at peak performance. Mark your calendar and make the commitment. You’ll be glad you did.

When you’re in need of any type of heat pump service: like maintenance for your heat pump, heat pump replacement, or need to fix your broken heat pump, you’ll always get an honest answer from one of our technicians.

If you live in Vancouver, WA and are interested in furnaces, let us help.

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