What’s typically included in professional A/C maintenance?

As soon as spring rolls around, you’re doing yourself a favor if you give your A/C professional a call and budget to have your system tuned up. Soon you’ll be using it almost 24/7, and if you don’t catch minor irregularities before the unit is in constant use, you may later end up with an expensive problem on your hands. Plus, the sooner you can get the service in, the better to avoid booking in the overscheduled and more expensive summer months! But when you get your unit serviced, what can you expect? Here is what’s typically included in a professional A/C system check-up:

Check your refrigerant levels

If refrigerant levels are low, your system either needs a refill, or there might be a leak. A refrigerant leak could lead to the compressor burning out, which is going to be the most expensive A/C repair you could possibly have.

Check the electrical components and controls

It’s important to make sure that these are in good condition and are working properly.

Clean the evaporator and condenser coils

If your evaporator or condenser coils have gotten too dirty, it’s going to compromise the functioning and cooling ability of your system.

Oil the compressor motor

Oiling the compressor motor helps ensure that it runs smoothly and also that it does not sustain any damage. Insufficient oil is the second most prevalent reason for A/C compressor failure.

Calibrate the thermostat

An improperly calibrated thermostat could mean that your A/C is working too hard. This can shorten the lifespan of your unit.

Do an all-over condenser check-up

Your A/C professional should examine your condenser to make sure there aren’t any other issues that haven’t been spotted.

Check, clean, or replace the filters as necessary

After constant use, A/C filters can quickly become clogged with dirt and debris and it’s important to clean these or replace them before you start using your A/C full-time again. Failure to do this can lead to reduced unit efficiency and even decrease your system’s lifespan.

Just like getting your car a regular oil change, a yearly professional A/C checkup is the best way to make sure your summer season is cool and problem-free and that you get the longest possible life out of your system. ServiceFirst Heating and Cooling is a trustworthy, customer-focused A/C professional service that can make sure your A/C gets the careful checkup it needs before the weather gets hot. Call us at 360-591-7274 or visit service-first-new-staging.fvhqtqu7-liquidwebsites.com to learn more.